hoppid.no Startup

hoppid.no Startup

The program runs over 4 weeks with 10 online sessions. Between the sessions, you get to develop your business idea into your own business plan. An hoppid.no advisor will provide you with feedback, advice and knowledge about the local business conditions during the program.

The program will expand your knowledge and provide guidance and practical information on how to establish and run a business in Norway.

The program is free for participants who live in Møre og Romsdal.

The program will give you:

  • Competences and tools to develop your business or business idea, step by step.
  • Advise and help from an experienced entrepreneur and advisor on how apply the learnings to exactly your business.
  • Feedback, motivation and sparring with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs

When finishing the program you will have a new network of fellow entrepreneurs, a hands-on plan for developing your business and a recommendation for whom to reach out to for further help at your local business service.

How does it work and what does it take to participate?

The program runs for 4 weeks with ten online sessions about sustainable business development, each lasting 90 minutes:

  1. Introduction: Get to know the participants, the method, and the tool.
  2. Purpose: How does your motivation and values affect your project?
  3. Resources: How can your resources contribute to competitiveness?
  4. How to run a business in Norway with regards to culture, laws & regulations?
  5. Business idea: What needs will you cover, and for whom?
  6. Business model: How will you be able to cover this need?
  7. Business model: What will your sales model and pricing model be?
  8. Objectives and Tasks: What are your goals and what do you have to do to reach them?
  9. Forecasts: Earnings, liquidity, financing, and formal requirements
  10. Presentation for relevant industry players in the region

The program is based on reverse-classroom teaching and case-based learning. We strongly recommend that you’re able to participate on all sessions. All facilitation, tools and materials will be available in English.

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hoppid.no Startup
October 23, 2023
November 9, 2023 11:00 AM
f you have a business idea that you want to develop, or if you already are running your own business and want to develop it to the next level - then this online program will help you!